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The villa

The Spice gardens bungalow has been converted into a ‘Villa’ for your stay. This delightful structure is constructed in the traditional style while incorporating all modern amenities. The ‘Villa’ has two well appointed bedrooms with modern bathrooms for you to rela, a living room for you to unwind and even a dressing room.


Tree House

A dwelling perched aloft that we fondly call the ‘Sunbird’s Nest’. This beautiful tree house is constructed based on the old ‘Machan‘ or watchtower design . From this ‘Sunbird’s Nest’ you can enjoy the view of the spice garden and also the view of the Sunbird rock, which is perticularly beautiful at sunsets. This tree house is built on a sturdy platform to ensure safety. This house ‘atop’ also has a modern bathroom with all the amenities.

Luxury cottages

These cottages have been constructed in an unique octagonal design. The natural materials used in construction of these cottages ensure their Eco-Friendly nature. These ‘Luxury Cottages’ are set amidst a lush green lawn bordered by beautifull plants. You can relax by enjoying the serene view of the rock or by wading in the Swimming pool that is just a few footsteps away.


Bamboo Cottages

This is our endeavour to bring you closest to nature. These cottages have been made entirely out of Bamboo. These ‘Bamboo cottages’ been painstakingly made by traditional workers using time tested methods and implements. All modern amenities and safety features have been catered for, to ensure that, you blend in with nature ‘comfortably and safely’.


Rock view house

Rock view house has been divided into six individual deluxe rooms. The unique view of the Sun bird rock makes the Rock Vew House distinct from our other cottages. The sunset viewed from this is a unforgettable sight carried by all the tourist coming to our resort.