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Wildlife Plan - ( Outdoor Plan )

This plan is spread over two days. In this plan you will be conducted to various Wildlife rich areas such as the Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary, Tholpetty Wildlife sanctuary and other Wildlife ‘Hotspots’. This plan also offers ample opportunity for breathing fresh air, getting to know the nature better and also allows you to stretch those legs. Wayanad is rich for its flora and fauna and boasts of over 250 species of birds and a number of wild animals....come and enjoy nature

Wayanad Visit- ( Sightseeing Plan )

This Plan is also for two days, wherein we take you around to various places of interest. Our list includes a diverse selection from Water falls to Edakkal Caves, To Raja Pazhassi Memorial, Pookode Lake, Kuruva Island, Lakkidy view point, Banasura Sagar Dam, Pakshipathalam, Meenmutty waterfalls, Sun rise valley Etc. This chalked out plan will allow you to soak in the best of Wayanad over a weekend with the help of a qualified tourist guide.

Sunbird's Stay - ( Farm Stay)

This plan is for two days and is meant for those who want to relax in the Resort. You can unwind beside the camp fires that we arrange. Or you may choose to relax by listening to the stream’s lullaby or by spending your time at the pool. In this plan we introduce you to the various nuances of spice farming, you can actually join the farmer in his work!!…We also provide complimentary Ayurvedic massages. This plan also caters for a visit to the scenic Pookode Lake and Soojippara Water falls.

Natural Rejuvanation Plan - ( Ayurvedic Rejuvanation)

The natural rejuvenation package is aimed at rejuvenating you through the ancient and time tested science of Ayurveda.  This plan is for 2 days to 7 days, depending on the Ayurvedic rejuvenation package that you choose from our list. Various Ayurvedic rejuvenation facilities such as Kizhi, Marma Massage, Shirodhara, Naysam and various other rejuvenation techniques to make you healthy and beautiful are catered for.